Arrival in Dizzywood

Welcome to Dizzywood! Dizzywood is best-known as a virtual world for kids, 8-14. It launched in November 2007 and closed its doors in December 2010. Over 3 million players visited the magical and enchanted world Dizzywood during its 3+ years, and adventure greeted them at every corner. Even though the virtual world is no longer operating, Dizzywood lives on in a number of ways, most importantly through our fans and in our blog and forums. Although we’re not making any big promises, the fan support has been so strong that we’re always looking at ways to bring Dizzywood back in some way, shape or form.


The Dizzywood Look Book and Fashion Cam

One of the most popular things to do in Dizzywood was to try on all the different fashion and clothing items in the game. Many items were rare and only rewarded as quest items. Others could be purchased with coins in one of the several stores found throughout Dizzywood (Groomfur’s in Canal City was a […]


Dizzywood Concept Art

Did you know that there’s an entire album of the original concept art for Dizzywood on Flickr? Yes, all of the initial sketches for the design of the world were produced by the incredibly talented artist, Jake Parker. Jake went on to do some amazing things in illustration and animation, including work on the well-known […]


Panoramas From the Past

Dizzywood was made up of several different areas to explore and over the years, many were added. Some, such as Presto’s Grove and Presto’s Edge, were even changed radically during the course of the game. When you were walking through Dizzywood, however, you were usually limited to a small area in your field of view, […]