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Arrival in Dizzywood

Welcome to Dizzywood! Dizzywood is best-known as a virtual world for kids, 8-14. It launched in November 2007 and closed its doors in December 2010. Over 3 million players visited the magical and enchanted world Dizzywood during its 3+ years, and adventure greeted them at every corner. Even though the virtual world is no longer operating, Dizzywood lives on in a number of ways, most importantly through our fans and in our blog and forums. Although we’re not making any big promises, the fan support has been so strong that we’re always looking at ways to bring Dizzywood back in some way, shape or form.


The Dizzywood Map

Did you know that there was an unreleased map of Dizzywood that showed far more about the known worlds than was ever revealed in the game? The official in-game map was really quite small by comparison, encompassing only a handful of areas that were accessible, like Presto’s Grove, Presto’s Edge, Tanglevine Jungle and Canal City. The original […]


A History of Dizzywood

Do you know the history of Dizzywood? Long before human Dizzywood explorers first arrived from Earth, the world had its own native inhabitants, called Ancients, Sprites and Bogies. Read on to learn more about this amazing world’s history. A Brief History of Dizzywood Before humans and animals, the world’s main inhabitants were huge elemental titans […]


Dizzywood Critters

Do you remember critters in Dizzywood? Critters were a lot like pets in the game and would follow your character wherever you travelled throughout the world. What many people don’t know is that there were several different kinds of critters, each with their own story. Crystal Critters The first critters discovered in Dizzywood were Crystal Critters. […]